Tata postao Instagram senzacija: Urnebesnim fotografijama dočarava život sa četiri kćerkice

Tata postao Instagram senzacija: Urnebesnim fotografijama dočarava život sa četiri kćerkice
Foto: Instagram | Tata postao Instagram senzacija: Urnebesnim fotografijama dočarava život sa četiri kćerkice

Sajmon Huper čiji nadimak na mrežama je "Father of Daughters", postao je Instagram senzacija pošto je bez uljepšavanja, uz duhovite fotke pokazao kako izgleda život oca sa četiri kćerkice.

On ima skoro milion pratilaca koji obožavaju njegove dnevne foto priče pune humora iz kojih je izostavio uljepšavanje i demonstraciju pojma "savršeni roditelj".

Prešao je prilično dug put od 24-godišnjaka koji nema pojma šta znači biti tata do danas. Realnost u kojoj je uvijek okružen djevojkama koje voli najviše na svijetu ga je naučila važnu lekciju o očinstvu, feminizmu i jednakosti. Sajmon živi sa četiri kćerke i suprugom.


Our house is fast becoming a commune for dolls that have cast aside the constraints of clothing & embraced their natural form in all its glory. In other words, it's a plastic nudist camp. I have drawers literally full of fake people rocking all sorts vaginas and penis's, ranging from limbless pound shop dolls with smooth under carriages all the way up to these rather detailed, anatomically correct ones that love nothing more than letting it all hang free, and I for one am tired of having a penis pushed it my face at bed time (there's a sentence I never thought I say). Through hosting this 'celebration of the flesh' I've also learnt that girls think Willie's are hands down, THE most hilarious thing on the planet, which is just great for me. Do boys find vaginas funny? Not that I'm aware. So why is our manhood worth more laughs than a sellout comedy gig? I'm off to get surgery to make myself completely smooth so the laughing will stop. #plasticnudistcamp #willyintheface #dontlaughatit #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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"Naša kuća je brzo postala komuna lutaka koje imaju zabranu oblačenja i prigrlile su svoju prirodnu formu. Drugim riječima, to je plastični nudistički kamp. Imam fioke bukvalno pune fejk ljudi koji imaju sve vrste vagina i penisa, od onih jeftinijih bez udova i s ravnim, glatkim donjim dijelovima do onih detaljnih, anatomski korektnih koje najviše vole da puste da im sve visi slobodno, i umoran sam od penisa pritisnutog uz moje lice kad odlazim na spavanje (ovo je rečenica za koju sam mislio da je nikada neću izgovoriti). Dok sam bio domaćin ove 'proslave golotinje' takođe sam naučio da djevojčice misle da je piša najsmješnija stvar na planeti, što je u stvari super za mene": kaže on i dodaje:


Dads change nappies too: Apart from the ballsy women with bladders apparently the size of a old pea that barge into mens toilets to avoid the queue of cross-legged females snaking around the building, many ladies probably have no idea what goes on in the room marked 'Gentlemen'. Well here's the secret - it's usually a lot of guys peeing into urinals trying to overcome stage fright, a couple of blocked toilets, a few broken taps, a floor that's like walking on glue and occasionally a guy struggling to change their kids nappy - jacket laid on the toilet seat, on his knees in a cubicle, keeping the broken door shut with his arse. Why? Because, believe it or not, in 2019 many men's toilets still don't have changing tables. That means we either rough it in the men's, use the disable one go alfresco (behind a tree / down an alley) or pass responsibilities to the ladies in our lives. This needs to change. And I'm not just talking about the nappy. Any dad's out there with horror stories to share? Is your country better than the UK? I want to get legislation changed so can do what has to be done in relative comfort and hygiene! #changelegislationnotjustnappies #wetknees #dadschangetoo #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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"Da li su dječacima smiješne vagine? Ne, koliko znam. Pa zašto je onda naša muškost smješnija od tezge komičara? Otići ću na operaciju da mi sve naprave glatko pa će smijeh prestati", piše Sajmon, prenosi "Noizz.rs".


Sometimes when I'm down about my babies not being babies anymore, I just look at this picture, smile and think about this day, 2 & half years ago. Having become increasingly frustrated that all my clothes were getting dyed a shade of pink that farrow and ball would no doubt name 'whispering vagina', I decided to take control & combined house work with Childcare. Don't worry, I'm not a monster, I just put them on a low speed spin setting and went easy on the fabric conditioner. The tumble dryer was a step too far so hanging them out to drip dry seemed the next best option. for future reference, children take about 3 hours to dry on the line. Now look again - bet you didn't see the one in the basket! #shesinthebasket #nobathtonight #hangthemouttodry #whisperingvagina #lifeadmin #fatherofdaughters #twins #dadlife #fod #instadad

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Gin and tonic mix well. Hangovers and children that raid the dressing up box, insist on putting on an loud amateur dramatics production at God awful o'clock while shoving Calpol in my face, don't. I swear they have built in radar that pick up adult headaches as they only reserve this type of morning activity for days when we've had friends over for dinner the night before. It probably didn't help that I drank a tad too much, fell asleep In front of the TV with a beer in hand when I was supposed to be doing the Washing up, woke up at 3.38am (beer still in hand & not spilt) to infommericals for strange kitchen products being sold by over caffeinated orange skinned Americans & promptly crawled, fully clothed, into the spare bedroom to avoid waking Clemmie by dropping everything out of pockets in the dark (which I know she just loves). Today has been a long slow day.... #adultheadache #whenwillilearn #calpolwonthelpme #fatherofdaughters #fod #dadlife #instadad

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U kuhinji: 


Although the kitchen has been redone, I wasn't invited to the private meeting where the decision makers of the house chose where our utensils would live, meaning I spend most of days opening every cupboard and cursing when I can't find things. So when I baked clemmie's birthday cake this weekend, i avoided the pointelss search for the electric whisk & resorted to a place where I know stuff is - The tool box. I was 'forced' to bake with power tools again. Here's a lesson, don't give toddlers a power drill with a whisk jammed in the end without checking the speed setting as it can result in the new cabinets being covered in a thin veneer of delicious uncooked cake mix and a wife that would murder you if she could get away with it. #bakingwithpowertools #cakeveneer #impactdrillcarrotcakeanyone #twins #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #fod #instadad

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